720 CX BP


Optional Features

  • Single full width rear door
  • No rear tack
  • Air gaps on sides and rear w/ Plexiglas
  • Extruded exterior

Standard Features

  • Coupler Type                 BP
  • Load Type                      Slant
  • Trailer Width                  7’
  • Horse Stalls                   2 horses
  • Stall Width                     40”
  • Dressing Room Size       28” short wall
  • Inside Height                 7’ 2”
  • Exterior Sides                .040 white aluminum side sheets (smooth skin)
  • Rear Doors                    55/45 rear doors with a 19” x 26” window in load door and aluminum cam locks
  • Street side windows      Drop down feed window with drop down bars per stall
  • Curb side windows       27” x 31” curbside window with bars and screen per stall
  • Axles                             Two (2) 3,500 lbs. rubber torsion axles with electric brakes
  • Landing Gear                 5,000 lbs top wind jack with wheel
  • Stall Dividers                 Slant stall divider with body, shoulder and head separator with (patented) slam latch system
  • Tie Rings                       Two outside tie rings per horse
  • Warranty                        8 year limited warranty
  • Roof:                              Single piece aluminum roof
  • Floor Mats:                    Lifetime rubber floor mat in horse area
  • Floor:                            Interlocking extruded aluminum plank floor system with 2” x 4” I beams
  • Wheels:                         Five 15” 6 hole steel wheels with 8 ply radial tires (includes spare)
  • Dressing Room Wall:     Solid roof to floor wall separating dressing room from horse area
  • Hitch Safety:                 Aluminum V-Hitch with 2 5/16” coupler, breakaway switch with battery, and safety chains with slip hooks
  • Gravel Guard:                Treadplate gravel guard on nose
  • Doors:                          32” camper door with  sliding window and screen door (curb side)
  • Horse Area Walls:         Horse area walls lined and insulated with white aluminum sheet
  • Rubber on Walls:          White aluminum lining above 48” high rubber lining in horse area all walls
  • Kick Plate:                    .100 aluminum kick plate behind rubber lining in horse area
  • Roof Vents:                  One pop-up two-way aluminum roof vent per stall