Stall and Barn Doors


As opposed to a Stall Front, which is a single assembly, the combination of Doors and Grilles is another popular way to finish a barn interior. Where a Stall Front is built to fit between two posts, a third post is used with Doors and Grilles, and the lower half of the grilled section is built on site. Normally built with bar tops, wood insert bottoms, there are many options that we offer including dutch top doors, yoke top doors, woven wire mesh, hinged doors and even drop down doors. We build each stall or barn door according to your needs.

Corner Hay Rack

  • Made of 1” square tubing and 3/8” solid rod
  • Round edges for animal safety
  • Fits perfectly with the feed door in Martin Ranch Supply stall fronts and stall grilles
  • Photo includes Corner Feed Tub (sold separately)
  • Powdercoated black

Merlot Gate

  • 68” tall for a 6’ fence
  • 1 7/8” O.D. galvanized domestic 16 gauge tubing
  • 2” x 4” hot dipped wire mesh - 6 gauge
  • Sliding lockable bolt latch
  • Either right handed or left handed
  • Top rail to protect animals and humans from edge of wire mesh
  • Actual size is 4” less than nominal size
  • Includes bolt thru hinges
  • Built to order
  • Custom sizes available

H-20 Cattle Guard


If a gate or multiple gates won’t serve your needs, then a cattle guard is a great alternative. We manufacture our cattle guards to the highest and strongest standards. Using only new steel and not reclaimed steel, we make two standard models depending on the anticipated loads. All guards are painted black.

Thrifty Stall Pasture Shelter

  • When you want to provide three walls and a roof, there is not a better solution than Martin Ranch Supply’s pasture shelters
  • They are extremely tough and designed for the everyday abuse that livestock can deliver
  • Made from durable 16 gauge 1 7/8” galvanized tube and filled with either ¾” or 1 1/8” plywood, your horse will be safe from the elements and safe around the structure
  • Wood mounting tabs welded within frame providing recessed wood installation
  • Wood edges protected by frame

H-20 Deer Guard


A very popular choice for our Winery and Vineyard customers, our Deer Guards are made to the same standards as our heavy duty Cattle Guards. The only difference between Cattle Guards and Deer Guards is that Deer Guards extend 16’ down the road and are formed by at least two adjoining guards.  Deer Guards are made in standard 8’, 10, 12’, 14’ and 16’ widths. Custom sizes are available.

Ranch Gate

  • 48” tall for a 5’ fence
  • 5 Rail
  • 1 5/8” O.D. galvanized domestic 16 gauge tubing
  • Welded chain latch and chain
  • Square corners for animal safety
  • Manual zinc treatment on all welds
  • Includes lag bolt hinges
  • Actual size is 4” less than nominal size
  • Bolt thru hinges available
  • Custom sizes available

5' 5 Rail Galvanized Panel

  • 1 5/8” domestic galvanized tubing - 16 gauge
  • 5’ tall with 5 rails
  • Square corners for animal safety
  • Manual zinc treatment on all welds
  • Two panel clamps included with each panel
  • Custom configurations and sizes available
  • Also available in 1 7/8” and/or schedule 20 pipe