Spray Boom

  • Galvanized wash stall spray boom designed for increased efficiency and to keep wash area safe, neat and organized
  • Mounts on any wall or post, holding the hose up away from feet
  • Works great for equine and automotive wash stalls
  • Easy to install and it’s length is adjustable
  • 43.5” when fully compressed.
  • Extends to 5’ when using two set screws.
  • Extends to 6’ when using one set screw.
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Accepts standard garden hose

12' x 12' Fully Covered Corral - Shedrow Style


Found in countless horse settings on the west coast, our covered corrals have set the standard for more than 30 years. Others have tried to copy, but no one can duplicate the integrity of these structures. Our covered corrals are rugged, safe and functional. Made of strong 16 gauge 1 7/8” domestic galvanized tube, the corrals are tough. Importantly, each weld is treated three times to prevent early rust. Each weld is hand cleaned with a wire brush, hand brushed with a cold galvanizing solution and then topped with a galvanizing paint.

Stall Screen with Yoke


To provide greater air circulation in your stalls and to allow your horses safe, leasurely access to view activities outside the stall, a stall screen is a great addition. Your stalled horses will appreciate it!

Please note that the hinges add approximately 2” to the overall width of this stall screen.

ATV Flatbed


If you have two horses on 1 acre, 75 cows on a working ranch or if you have firewood to stack from time to time….

  • Made of tough galvanized tubing
  • 42” x 60” deck
  • Treated 3/4” ply insert on the deck
  • Stack pockets to build up sides
  • Wide floatation tires for easy movement in all terrain, even deep mud
  • Not rated for highway use
  • Travels quiet and true
  • 1 7/8” coupler
  • Tires rated at 600 pound capacity per tire (1200#)

Stall Fronts


When we build stall fronts, we know that they will be a focal point of your barn and our stall fronts deserve the attention they get. Normally built with bar tops, wood insert bottoms and feed doors, there are many options that we offer including dutch top doors, yoke top doors, woven wire mesh, full yoke fronts, and even drop down doors. We build each stall front according to your needs.


Stall and Barn Doors


As opposed to a Stall Front, which is a single assembly, the combination of Doors and Grilles is another popular way to finish a barn interior. Where a Stall Front is built to fit between two posts, a third post is used with Doors and Grilles, and the lower half of the grilled section is built on site. Normally built with bar tops, wood insert bottoms, there are many options that we offer including dutch top doors, yoke top doors, woven wire mesh, hinged doors and even drop down doors. We build each stall or barn door according to your needs.

Corner Hay Rack

  • Made of 1” square tubing and 3/8” solid rod
  • Round edges for animal safety
  • Fits perfectly with the feed door in Martin Ranch Supply stall fronts and stall grilles
  • Photo includes Corner Feed Tub (sold separately)
  • Powdercoated black

Merlot Gate

  • 68” tall for a 6’ fence
  • 1 7/8” O.D. galvanized domestic 16 gauge tubing
  • 2” x 4” hot dipped wire mesh - 6 gauge
  • Sliding lockable bolt latch
  • Either right handed or left handed
  • Top rail to protect animals and humans from edge of wire mesh
  • Actual size is 4” less than nominal size
  • Includes bolt thru hinges
  • Built to order
  • Custom sizes available

H-20 Cattle Guard


If a gate or multiple gates won’t serve your needs, then a cattle guard is a great alternative. We manufacture our cattle guards to the highest and strongest standards. Using only new steel and not reclaimed steel, we make two standard models depending on the anticipated loads. All guards are painted black.